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28 - 30 November 2021


About Event

Engaging with tens of thousands of aspiring hackers and programmers every year, the Federation is on a mission to make 1 in 100 Saudis, programmers. And so we bring to you @Hack in association with Black Hat. Co-organised by SAFCSP and Informa Tech, straight from the legendary Black Hat skunkworks; immediately on its launch as one of the largest infosec events in the world.

Features Overview

Business hall

Where over 250 of the world's most innovative info-sec vendors show breakthrough security products and services.

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Capture the Flag

One of the world's largest CTFs has just launched in Riyadh, have you got what it takes to beat one of the best?

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100 presentations from ethical hackers and info-sec leaders over 4 conference stages.

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Where cutting edges open source hacking tools are shared by genius developers.

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Where 50 elite black-hat trainers deliver world class hacking tuition for the first time in the region.

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@hack movement

Meet up with ethical hackers and info-sec professionals in your city, see what events are coming up.

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Executive Summit

Where the regions leading CISOs and info-sec execs get couched by the world's best security minds.

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